County Hotel Carlisle there for those in need this Christmas

Saturday 12th December 2015

County Hotel Carlisle there for those in need this Christmas
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CARLISLE’S County Hotel has taken special measures this December to ensure it can stay open for business over the Christmas period for its guests who have been unable to return home after the devastating floods.

The County Hotel would usually close between 23rd and 27th December for the festive break but will now be remaining open and fully-staffed with the 23-strong team staying on-site to look after guests. It has also diverted all of its fundraising towards the flood effort, taking part in activities to raise money for the cause.

Valerie Stevens, County Hotel Manager, said: “On the night the storm hit, around 200 people were stuck in the railway station directly opposite us so we gave out blankets and invited as many as we could – particularly the children and the elderly – to come inside into the warm and dry, where we set up a hot drinks station.

“Our street was really lucky to have been unaffected despite the rail lines being completely flooded and a lot of businesses nearby suffering. The city was cut in half due to the closure of Eden Bridge and one member of our team’s home was completely flooded out.”

All rooms in Carlisle were full straight after the flooding as people left their properties and the army and contractors moved in, and accommodation has been in demand since.

Valerie added: “We took the decision to stay open throughout Christmas simply because we have guests staying with us that don’t have anywhere else to go. It’s important that we do our best to lift their spirits at such a difficult time. We will be ensuring that Santa leaves them at least one present on Christmas morning!”

“The team were fantastic in helping us to get the rooms turned around as quickly as possible and ensuring we were at capacity with how many people we could accommodate. Even now, they are working beyond their hours and have truly rallied together to fundraise, keep the morale of the flood victims up and going above and beyond to do whatever they can to help.”

To donate to the Cumbria 2015 Flood Appeal, visit:


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